Tambra Riddle

Tambra has been a vegetarian for over 16 years, 7 of which she has been vegan.  She is a certified Doctor of Naturopathy with a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition.  Participating in a plant-based diet is not only a fulfilling lifestyle choice, but a path that she says makes her feel bright, uplifted, energetic and healthy.  Along with blogging for her own site, veggieedge.com, Tambra is about to publish her first book, My Teenage Rejection of Death Products which, through her personal experiences, encourages teens and twenty-somethings to be aware of veganism’s alluring fascination, potential pitfalls, and ways to successfully reap the rewards of an animal-free lifestyle.  She lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband Rob and their dog Shadow.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Wittmuss

Give Yourself A Facial—From The Inside, Out!

How many hundreds of dollars do women spend a year on fancy facial creams, expensive chemical peels or radical laser treatments to look and feel years younger? And at the end of the day, are these methods worth it? Are they working? Or are we contradicting ourselves by creating a need for these measures with the very food we put in our bodies?  Read more

Observations from the Grocery Check-Out Line - by Tambra Riddle

Bleep.  Bleep….bleep, bleep!  That’s the sound of each item passing through the scanner at the checkout counter.  

Bleep!  There go the crackers.  

Bleep!  A block of organic cheese.  

Bleep!  Bleep!  Two candy bars…followed by some goat milk, organic chicken nuggets, sourdough bread, frozen meals, and natural doughnuts.  No sign of any fresh produce.  Poor broccoli, taking the backseat again.  Read more

You Are What You Eat...And What You Don't!

Surely most of you have heard the expression, “You are what you eat.”  As much as I believe this, there is still a crucial part missing…you certainly are what you eat, but what you don’t eat is just as influential as what you do.    Read more


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