Ruby Roth

Featured on the Today Show, CNN, FOX, NBC, and other major multi-media outlets, Ruby Roth is an author, artist, activist, and former teacher, whose children’s books have received international attention for their sensitive yet frank advocacy of a vegan diet and lifestyle. A vegan since 2003, Roth holds degrees in both art and American Studies and for nearly a decade has researched and spoken publicly on animal agriculture, health, nutrition, and the benefits of a plant-based diet. With her special brand of gentle candor, Roth's message transcends food philosophy to encompass the personal agency of people—big and small—in creating a more sustainable planet. For more information, please visit

Why Being the Lone Vegan Makes You a Power Player

I know for many of you parents raising vegan kids, back-to-school season brings up some fret about being in the minority.  Maybe being vegan has you feeling a bit alone or worried about your kid being left out at birthday parties and classroom holiday meals?  You are probably fatigued by the "People for Eating Tasty Animals" joke and maybe you often feel like you’re the only ones in your social circle who care about animals.  Read more

8 Great Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Green Kids

I love gifts that keep on giving (and don’t end up in landfills)! Here are eight plastic-free, long-lasting, and instantly-gratifying gift ideas for the compassionate kids in your life. Happy holidays!  Read more


Now that summer is officially over, as are the first few rude awakenings by alarm clock, we’re settling back in to school-centered life. My step-daughter, Akira, born and raised vegan, is almost 8—the youngest in her 3rd grade class—and bizarrely, the only girl. She’s got plenty to adjust to—but thankfully being “out” about her veganism isn’t one of them. Akira is confident, committed, and so far, shrugs off any pushback. But it’s not like this for everyone. We know that being a young vegan in a classroom can be tough. Written with Akira’s help, here is a list of ten tips for vegan parents and school kids to help normalize veganism and make the school year easier!  Read more

Fear, Ambivalence, and Raising a Vegan Family

“Propaganda.”  “Brainwashing.”  “Dangerous!”  Who knew that a children’s book about veganism could provoke these charges? While my first picture book, That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals, was welcomed by veg populations around the world, it also caused such controversy—garnering attacks online, in animal agriculture trade magazines, and even from Farm Bureau CEOs. My recently released picture book Vegan Is Love: Having Heart and Taking Action also caused an uproar in the media. I admit—I loved it. I’ve always been interested in the underbelly of things, and each case of opposition to my books provides me the opportunity to study the invisible forces that shape public thinking about children, food, health, and animals.  Read more


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