Let's go shopping!

While I confess that I am a ceramic knife lover, not everyone can or wants to invest what it takes to own one of those babies.
But there's a solution...genius stainless steel knives from Ergo Chef. Ergnomically designed knives that are my favorites for the 'heavy lifting' of cooking. reasonably priced and brilliantly made, these knives are great for everyday cooking. Their design lets you work all day without fatigue.
So how do you choose the knife that's right for you?

Well, everybody needs a great bread knife and this one is perfection. A good paring knife is essential for mincing and other fine work. And you must, must, must have a great steel. Got you covered on that, too. These three tools should be the foundation of your knife collection. 

But how do you decide on the day to day, hardworking blade that will handle the lionshare of your cooking? Your Ergo Chef options are a 6-inch chef knife, a 7-inch santoku blade and an 8-inch chef knife. Most women have smaller hands and like a lighter knife, so I recommend the 6 or 7-inch. I love and use them both, so the decision is yours. Neither one will be 'too much knife' as I say.
Now men seem to like a bigger blade (ah, ah, ah...get your minds out of the gutter). Most men like a heavier knife with a longer blade and fall in love with the 8-inch chef knife.
All the Ergo Chef knives, regardless of size are light and perfectly balanced. they hold their edge and will have you sailing through your cooking.
Invest in a great knife and you will connect with your inner Julia Child in no time!