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What's the Susan G. Komen Foundation Thinking? by Christina Pirello

As I write, I am trying to keep my all-too-famous ranting in check. May is upon us and with it, here in sunny Philadelphia, the May ‘Race for the Cure.’ My heart breaks for women struggling with breast cancer…and for their families, friends and loved ones. I pray every single woman finds her way back to health and that one of these days, we find the cure for this plague that is so cavalierly dangled in front of us.  Read more

Time for a New Standard - by Kenneth Dill

Why are we so fat? In America especially, but also in most of the more affluent western nations we have been getting bigger, heavier, and yes, FATTER! WHY? This phenomenon has been pondered for many decades and many many people have tried to answer this burning question. Even more have tried to capitalize financially on the lack of a definitive answer. The most common of these ‘answers’ have included in some way  too much fat, too much sugar, too much dairy, too many ‘carbs, too much meat, etc. A wide variety of those looking for “the answer” are trying to narrow it to something they can sell you in a pill or a diet or a super-food, even a psychoanalysis tape. Well here’s my two cents on the subject. We eat more (often way more) and move less (often way less) than previous generations. This statement is very true, but may be a tad over-simplified. So let explain in a little more detail.   Read more

A Newbie's Guide to Seasonal Eating and Cooking - by Christy Morgan

I recently contributed to JL's Vegan 101 Seriesand I wanted to share it with you all at Christina Cooks! For me, being vegan isn’t just about saving the animals (though that is the most important piece of the puzzle for me). When I make food choices, I consider the global impact and how it’s going to affect my mind, body, and spirit.  Read more

Agar Agar, Kuzu and Arrowroot, Oh My! - by Alicia Silverstone

If you’ve ever cooked a sauce or gravy from scratch, you’ve likely used a thickener. Perhaps the best-known and most easily accessible thickening agent is cornstarch. Derived from the endosperm of corn and then fermented, cornstarch is highly processed and not particularly nutritious. Arrowroot, agar agar (or kanten), and kuzu are all more natural thickening agents that you can substitute for cornstarch. Which one you choose depends on what you’d like to make! Read on for a breakdown of where each of these starches comes from, what they’re best used for, and what health benefits they offer.  Read more

Spring Cleaning Time! - by Christina Pirello

It's that time of year again!  Time to clean our houses and prepare for spring.  Did you know you can spring clean your body too?  I've got some recipes that can help.   Read more

Freedom From Within - by Simon Brown

This is my first blog on this site and I want to introduce myself with a blog that best describes my approach to life and will put all of my future blogs into context. I love to feel free and the easiest place to do this is in my own mind. I feel I have the choice to either shackle myself to certain beliefs or choose to give myself the freedom to have thoughts, knowing that they are part of my own journey through life and as such they will change and evolve.  Read more

You Are What You Eat...And What You Don't!

Surely most of you have heard the expression, “You are what you eat.”  As much as I believe this, there is still a crucial part missing…you certainly are what you eat, but what you don’t eat is just as influential as what you do.    Read more

Health Is Not the Luck of the Draw - by Christina Pirello

We’re told that disease is heredity or just fate. Nothing could be further from the truth. While lots of factors play a role, your destiny is not dictated. You have the ultimate say in your health. You just have to know what to eat!  Read more

The Heart of the Matter - by Christina Pirello

We're told that disease is heredity or just fate.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  While lots of factors play a role, your destiny is not dictated.  You have the ultimate say in your health.  You just have to know what to eat.  That's where I come in.  Join me in making this recipe and empower your life.  Read more

Simple Nutrition...It's a Beginning - by Christina Pirello

A few weeks ago, my office received an email that described a new program that was recently launched in the Philadelphia area by Genuardi’s and Safeway Supermarkets as a result of a survey of customers.  Read more

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