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We Have the Right to Know What’s in Our Food

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A recent survey conducted by Reuters and National Public Radio in October 2010 states that more than 90 percent of Americans think genetically modified organisms (GMOs) should be labeled. Come November, California may join the more than 40 countries of the world that label GMOs with the passage of a ballot initiative called the California Right to Know. If California wins a labeling victory, then it could pave the way for the rest of the country.

Pamm Larry, farmer, midwife, businesswoman and grandmother, was so deeply upset about our food system and not knowing what is in the foods we eat and feed our children that she decided to take action. She quit her day job and started researching GMOs and how to apply for a ballot initiative. “If you are depressed about something, I believe it is something inside you calling you to do something about it…no matter what it is,” she says. “When I started acting I was no longer depressed. I feel frustrated and angry, but not depressed.” 

She applauds the thousands of volunteers who gathered signatures to get the initiative on the ballot, but Pamm is quick to say, “We now need tens of thousands of volunteers to help spread the word and not believe the lies and misconceptions the opposition puts out.” As she looks toward November, she urges us to remember, “This issue is about labeling and the right to know. It is not about the goodness and badness. It is not about regulation. It is about information.”

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