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Tis the Season to Do Some Good

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We all love the feeling of the holiday season (no, not the bargains…although they are nice…). We love the energy, if you will, of the season. Everyone seems a bit lighter, happier…kinder, more generous. We even have a day dedicated to service: Giving Tuesday, a day where we give of ourselves and/or our resources to help those less fortunate than we are.
Here at Christina Cooks, we have teamed up with TD Bank. I know; I know; who likes banks these days? Aren’t they the Darth Vadar of our lives; the Snidely Whiplash villain darkening our doors? 
Not TD Bank.
I have banked with this fine institution for more than twenty years and have loved my relationship with them. So when they told me that they had a program that could help the work of The Christina Pirello Health Education Initiative, I was all ears.

TD Bank has developed the Affinity Program as a way for them to give back to the community from which they benefit. They have created a way for customers to link their accounts to the charity organization of their choice and once a year, TD Bank makes a donation to that charity, based on the deposits made by customers.

And here’s the best part…it costs you nothing.
TD Bank makes the contribution, based on deposits, from their foundation funds. So the customer gets to benefit the charity of their choice and TD Bank makes the actual donation. 

Linking your TD Bank accounts to my non-profit allows you to support the work we do in under-served schools and throughout  the community, educating adults and children about the impact of healthy living. We take them by the hand and teach them easy and accessible ways to enjoy what I consider to be all of humanity’s birthright: clean air, clean water and healthy food choices. We teach them that no matter their circumstances, healthy options are available.
By linking your TD Bank account (or creating one…) to us, you directly help us to educate people about healthy living. You become part of the work we do helping people create robust day to day health for their families, their communities and themselves. You become part of the change we all want to see in the world. 

Help us reach our goal of 50 customer accounts linked to The Christina Pirello Health Education Initiative. Click here for details about how you can help.

Thank you…for all you do and for all the support.

Have a gorgeous holiday season!


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