Living the WELL Life


I am so tired of it all. Aren’t you? With each day that goes by, it seems to me that marketers find new ways to lie to us and manipulate consumers into putting more and more junk food in their shopping carts. And we go along, with no protests, like lambs to the slaughter.  Read more

Special Valentine’s Day Menu

Want to impress your sweetie this Valentine’s Day? Time to think outside the box…and be indulgent in a most healthy way. Oh…and you should know up front, there’s no chocolate in this menu (okay, one recipe with an option for it, but really…)  Read more

Gluten-Free Cuisine

As an off-shoot of my cooking show, my husband and I own a travel business.  We organize holidays for people who want to continue their commitment to health even while on vacation.  We organize tours of Europe, scuba trips to the Caribbean and retreats in the U.S.  My staff and prepare meals to keep our guests sated and healthy.  The challenges of cooking in varying locales can be exciting and daunting.  Read more

A Fresh Start for 2010

Well, here we are…the New Year. Don’t let another one pass and find yourself still not making healthy choices…time for change, baby. And with delicious menu plans like this one, how can you resist?  Healthy and delicious? It’s a fresh start, my friends.  Read more

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