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A Spectacular Saturday - by Christina Pirello

Last weekend we had a full house at my cooking demo in Philadelphia!  We talked a lot about how a whole foods plant-based diet can keep you looking and feeling oh-so-young and sexy.  I want to share some of the recipes from that day with you, my readers, so you can reap the benefits too.  Enjoy!  Read more

Ode to Autumn - by Christina Pirello

Fall is one of my favorite times of year.  The air is crisp and breezy, the foliage is a sight to see, the earthy tastes and warm dishes that come from the fruits of the season cannot be beat.  I've created a menu that brings out all the flavors of fall.  Your taste buds will be singing an Ode to Autumn.     Read more

Meat Lover's Makeover - by Christina Pirello

My husband and I are the vegans of our big family and we hear from people all over the country who are vegan or vegetarian and living with meat-eaters.  Newsflash: the two can peacefully coexist!  But it is easier if all can partake in the same meal.  So I've created a menu of casual eats to satisfy the meat-eaters and the veggie lovers alike.  Enjoy!   Read more

Feel Great Now - by Christina Pirello

If I had a nickel for every time I heard people say they want to get healthy but don't know how I'd be a very rich woman.  I think sometimes we view getting healthy as a destination point and not a journey.  But the truth is that if you want to get healthy today...right now, you can do just that!  You change one meal, you change your body.  Have you ever noticed how great you feel after you eat a healthy meal?  The proof is in the pudding (well, you know what I mean).  And that, my friend, is change you can believe in.  It all starts here and you can start your health journey right now!    Read more

Good Morning Macro - by Christina Pirello

A lot of viewers, knowing that I follow a macrobiotic diet, often ask me what I eat for breakfast.  It's definitely not a "typical" breakfast.  No eggs, meat, dairy or sugary cereal...just lots of veggies and grains.  While it might take extra time to prepare and a little getting used to palate-wise, you will notice a big difference in how you feel after a macrobiotic breakfast.  My husband and I prepare the following menu regularly (we do add variety with different grains and vegetables) and try to get the recommended servings of vegetables in at breakfast.  It's a great way to start the day!  Read more

Year-Round Beach Body - by Christina Pirello

Summer is on her way out and the bikinis will soon be tucked away.  But that doesn't mean you have to give up your beach body!  Staying in shape never tasted so good.  In addition to regular exercise and a meditative or spiritual practice, plant-based nutrition will keep you looking (and feeling) like a million bucks!  Check out these dishes and those around you will be checking you out.  And don't worry, eating right doesn't mean skimping on dessert.  You can make the cake and eat it too!
   Read more

Ditch the Manwich - by Christina Pirello

A few days ago I saw a new commercial that really got me going.  The makers of meat-in-a-can Manwich are selling consumers the idea that they now offer a full serving of vegetables!  I don't know about you but high fructose corn syrup and tomato paste don't count as vegetables in my book!  So I've created a menu that includes a tasty burger and lots of vegetable goodness to go with it.  Take a pass at the canned "convenience" food that will surely inconvenience your health and well-being and get your real veggie-eating on!  Read more

Bone Appétit - by Christina Pirello

Looking to build stronger bones?  The answer isn't dairy.  Steer clear of the milk and the cheese (for more on that, read The China Study of any books from Dr. Neal Barnard).  I've created a menu of recipes with ingredients chock full of calcium - greens, broccoli, chickpeas, black beans and hiziki (a sea vegetable).  They'll help your bones while your taste buds enjoy every bite.  And what's a good dinner without a little sweetness at the end?  Enjoy!  Read more

Slim Pickins' - by Christina Pirello

There are times, especially in the summer, when I want to keep things light for dinner.  My husband and I always make a point to start our day with a big and balanced macrobiotic breakfast - lots of veggies and some grains for energy.  So a lighter dinner tends to be just what we need to end our day!  Here's just one direction you can take it - a pairing of a nice green salad with a vegetable dish and some finger foods.  Lighten up!   Read more

Take-Out Turnaround - by Christina Pirello

Who knew there were healthy replacements for take-out foods and, more importantly, that they could taste great?  I've created this turnaround menu to satisfy your cravings for a fun and (bonus!) nutritious feast.  Get your chopsticks ready!       Read more

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