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State of Nutritional Confusion - by David Leathers

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I would safely say that most of our population is totally confused when the topic of nutrition comes up. When did this state of nutritional confusion happen?

Most will agree that this generation doesn’t know much at all about nutrition, but did the generation before them or even the generation before them know? And is it this generation’s fault that they are so confused?

Throughout time, we have always relied on our parents to show and guide us in making the right decisions. With this statement, I am not blaming the parents or even their parents. But is there someone to blame?  Society has always and will always find someone to fault.  I prefer to ask, “What is to blame?”  And that is much easier to answer: our food!

According to the documentary film Food, Inc., “The way we eat has changed more in the last 50 years than in 10,000.  We are seeing bigger-breasted chickens, perfect cuts of beef and pork, herbicide-resistant seeds, and produce that won't go bad.”  With seeing these results, no one could ever argue that our food hasn’t changed!

One of the biggest changes I see in our food is the amount being commercially processed. Kids nowadays are not eating real food. Their diets are made up of nothing but highly processed foods that are full of additives and preservatives that have devastating health problems linked to their long-term consumption. What can be done to change this?  Eat fresh whole real food and avoid highly processed foods.

A most frequently asked question I get is, “What can I do to eat healthier?” I respond with a simple but forward answer: “Get into the kitchen and cook real food.”  I also often dispense the advice of eating like our grandparents did.  It is not that they necessarily knew how to eat better, but that they didn’t have all these convenient, pre-made “foods” that we have today.  They got into the kitchen to cook and sat down as a family to eat; these activities are a rarity today.

On a blog site I recently posed the following question: “Do you remember a certain childhood dish that you enjoyed made by mom, dad, grandma or grandpa?” Many readers shared their comments about a favorite dish or dishes and the experience that surrounded it. It was clear by their responses that food brings us together and leaves us with the greatest memories!  So let’s shift our focus from the statistics, stop worrying about assigning blame, and put our energy into real food solutions!


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