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Spend Time in Nature in 2013

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
Albert Einstein

Happy New Year! I love the clean slate feeling of a new year and thinking about where I want to put my attention in the twelve months ahead. Not one for resolutions, I prefer to focus on simple, easy actions that enrich life. In that spirit, I’d like to share an action with you that has rainforest-saving, health-promoting positive juju all over it—simply spending time in nature. Feeding ourselves with fresh air and experiencing our natural world is easy and just as important to good health as eating well. (And it’s good for the rainforest—but more on that later.) Henry David Thoreau was on to something when he moved to Walden Pond to write his classic, Walden. And Ralph Waldo Emerson too. These two writers found endless inspiration by spending time in the great outdoors. They were among the first American environmentalists, and they happened to be abolitionists as well. (I believe their connection to nature and ability to act on their convictions was not unrelated.) Oftentimes when hiking, I’ll get a creative idea for a recipe or story, a helpful idea for a friend or family member or sometimes I find a solution to a problem. Nature is indeed food for the soul.   Read more

Weight Loss Tips from Marlene

A Happy and Healthy 2013 to all of you and may your visions and dreams be fulfilled with all that your heart desires.  If you accept a limiting belief then it will became a truth for you.  The best advice I offer my clients for weight loss and health building relates to energy exchange.  Turn any negative energy into positive; the only thing that stands between you and the body weight and health you desire is often merely the will to try it and the faith to believe that it is possible.  Yes! Sustainable weight loss for life is indeed possible.

My Weight Loss Nature’s Way course will be launched this month on the World Wide Web. The on line course includes 10 x 15 minute cooking classes, 10 x tutorials filled with fantastic information and inspiration to keep you on track along with 10 Bonus Health Tips on boosting your overall health.   Information on how to strengthen your digestive system, rid yourself of sleep disorders, strengthen your immune system and some other gems are included in the course.  Read more

Again with the resolutions?

Are you as sick of New Year’s Resolutions as I am? Every year, we hear the same things: make this the year you get fit; slim down; make healthy lifestyle choices; eat real food.
And by February 1, the gyms are once again quiet and most of us are back on the sofa with a bag of chips wondering how the year went south so fast.
You know it doesn’t have to be that way, right?  Read more

Does the World Need More Cake?

I recently won a place in a competition for a T.V. cooking show entitled ‘Food Glorious Food’.  It will be aired in January in the U.K. It was certainly ‘character’ building.   Read more

The Great Life

What constitutes a great life? Having named our recently self-published book THE GREAT LIFE COOKBOOK makes this question a particularly engaging inquiry for me. Let us explore this together.

  Read more

Sugar Sugar - Choose Better Sugar for the Rainforest

The Dalai Lama says,“We have a responsibility to look after our planet. It is our only home." How do we do that? Well, we can start by focusing on simple areas of our lives—something as simple as what sugar we use in our kitchen. Most holiday baking recipes call for sugar so this one is timely. Did you know that every time you purchase sugar you are either supporting a sustainable form of sugarcane farming or a more destructive one? With virtually all sugarcane production taking place in the tropics, choosing a "better" sugar can make a difference for the wellbeing of our rainforests.  Read more

Soy Vey! - Class Recipes

Not a day goes by that I am not asked about soy and the role they play in healthy eating. There are all sorts of wild and crazy rumors circulating the internet: soy will make your brain shrink; make men impotent; prevent babies from developing and contribute to cancer.

Ay, ay, ay…as I often say!  Read more

The Beat Goes On-Class Recipes

Lotus Root Kinpira
Mac and Cheese

Lotus Root Kinpira
An excellent source of folates, blood cleansers, beta carotene, vitamins C and B6, as well as potassioum and inulin which can help lower cholesterol, this powerful dish will ensure that your ticker keeps on ticking.
Makes 2-3 servings  Read more

Holidays…On the Side

Let the feasting begin! We are well into the season of parties, family gatherings, long, leisurely times at the table. 
I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorites with you…mix and match them to create fabulous sides for your holiday feasts.  Read more

8 Great Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Green Kids

I love gifts that keep on giving (and don’t end up in landfills)! Here are eight plastic-free, long-lasting, and instantly-gratifying gift ideas for the compassionate kids in your life. Happy holidays!  Read more

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