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Dieting is Out, Healthy Eating is In! 21-Day Weight Loss Program

Livin’ Easy…
Summertime and the livin’s easy... You may remember these lyrics from the popular song Summertime” all about lazy days of summer when everything seems to slow down. Summer is a good time to forget our worries and let our hair down.  It’s the perfect time to lose weight as fresh salads and delicious fruits and vegetables are in season.  Summer is the season of high energy, joy, and passion. Nature is at its full and glorious height, so it’s sensible to use this positive energy to get our health in tip top condition.  One way to do that is to adopt a sensible eating plan that balances our hormones and increases our vitality. A 21- day program is a perfect way to achieve better health and stay in stride with the season.  While on the program, your body will adjust noticeably to your new, healthy regimen.  Perhaps most importantly, you will love how you feel.    Read more

Diet Like a Superhero

While many people experience weight loss as a natural side effect of adopting a vegan diet, some of you have shared that you're still having trouble shedding those extra pounds. So, I want to get specific about what works and what doesn't. First, there is a lot of vegan junk food out there (potato chips, French fries, even Oreos are vegan). Going vegan alone doesn't always result in weight loss for every person - it's the veggies and whole grains that really do the trick.   Read more

Eating to Relieve Allergy Symptoms

Ah, spring is in the air and our thoughts turn to flights of fancy.

Unless you’re sneezing your head off and scratching your itchy, red eyes out of your miserable skull.

With the advent of warm weather, pollen counts rise and some of us succumb to the congestion and physical symptoms we know as allergies. From rag weed to roses, the suffering begins just as the weather warms enough to be outside enjoying the sun, making increasing numbers of us absolute messes.

Studies show that one in five people in the U.S. suffer from seasonal allergies ranking them fifth in chronic diseases. And it should come as no surprise that global warming has increased the length of allergy season by four weeks over the last ten years, according to WebMD. 

So are you doomed to suffer, tissues always in hand? What if I told you that your food choices strongly influenced the severity of your symptoms? 

Once again, your kitchen can be your pharmacy.  Read more

The Natural Woman and the Macrobiotic Approach to Diet

The Macrobiotic approach to health reflects thousands of years of experience, observation and research in Asia. The medicine of the Far East understood that the body is a self-healing organism when treated well. Our bodies are designed to strive toward a special balance referred to in Western science as homeostasis. Macrobiotics is about stimulating the body’s natural desire for well-being and capacity to heal itself rather than attacking the symptoms of ill health and disease. In this process of self-generated healing every aspect of life is considered to play a part. The food you eat, the type of physical activity, the emotional state, family relationships and spiritual outlook are all-important aspects of the healing process.  Read more

Weight Loss Nature's Way

I am so excited to announce the launch of my digital course 'Weight Loss Nature's Way'. In order to make the biggest impact I can to individual and social health I have created this programme in such a user-friendly fashion that even kids can get involved.  Read more

Morning Miso Mantra

Miso soup is not what you think it is. 

It’s not the soup that you get before sushi, kind of cloudy and white, with ever so few scallions and some tofu. It’s not that freeze dried stuff to which you add hot water. It’s not two dollars’ worth of warm liquid.

Miso soup is magic.  Read more

How to Manage Stress

I was recently interviewed by one of the health magazines about my ‘take’ on stress and what I feel is causing more and more people to be on medication. The number of antidepressants prescribed by the NHS has almost doubled in the last decade, and rose sharply last year as the recession hit, figures reveal. The health service issued 39.1m prescriptions for drugs to tackle depression in England alone in 2009, compared with 20.1m in 1999 – a 95% jump. Wow! –  Read more

7 Lessons I Have Learned About Veganism

This month marks my 4-year anniversary of becoming vegan. I could write and sing the praises about being vegan forever but I thought I would rather share a few lessons I have learned to help those who might be struggling in their own journeys. 

  Read more

Cash, Cancer and Confusion

My first memory of the war on cancer is from the 1950’s. In the school assembly a movie was shown about how cancer was the silent killer. There was one line that stuck. The horror voice on the film said, “Look to the right, now look to the left, one out of three people will die of cancer.” That freaked me out. I cannot remember who I was sitting next to, but I have to say I was hoping it was one of them that got the bad news. Something certainly should be done, no question.  The answer was to put a bounty on its head and kill it dead.  A few years latter Richard Nixon declared the war on cancer. It has turned out to be the medical version of Vietnam.   Read more

Type I Diabetes in a Macrobiotic Counselor

A Frenchman, a German and a Jew are walking down the street. The Frenchman says, “Je suis verry thersty. I must have some wine.” The German counters, “Ich bin sehr thirsty. I must have some beer.” The Jew responds, “Oy, am I thirsty. I must have diabetes.”

The first time I ever had a major illness was in 1999 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was shocked. I raged, “How can I, a 20 year faithful practitioner of macrobiotics and experienced health counselor and guide, develop cancer?” There was denial, shame, guilt, confusion and fear. It took my writing a book, Food, Faith & Healing: 40 Macrobiotic Accounts of Cancer and Illness to come to terms with being fallible and imperfect.  Read more

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