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Stay Healthy This Autumn with these 10 Tips

Change is in the air. Sure, the days are still warm and even humid, but you can almost smell autumn. It’s time to lament the end of summer and leave the dreamy days of beaches, backyards, and barbecues  behind and return to school, work, and… the kitchen.  Read more

Fall into Health and Happiness

It’s here… it’s upon us… back to school. 

Where did my summer go?  Why didn’t I get to the beach more?  Do I really have to break out my black turtle necks and beret and start speaking German already?  I can no longer retreat into a cloud of denial -- it’s getting darker earlier and I swear it smelled like Fall the other night.   Read more

Eating As If Life Matters

The public fascination with food has slowly grown from an interest to an obsession over the past thirty years.  Every kind of cooking show from ethnic cooking to food porn is featured on TV.  Daily newspaper articles tell us that a new danger has been discovered in what we eat or that a new miracle diet has hit the market.  Every time a celebrity eats a piece of tofu, the news is filled with speculation about the safety of soybeans. Proposals favoring regulation of the food industry or better nutrition in schools are met with screams of “over my dead body” from those who fear government intrusion into their life. Many people either chase the rainbow, buying the latest coconut/gingko/antioxidant-rich kale tonic or simply throw up their hands and order a “Happy Meal.  Read more

Back to School Naturally with Chef Mel

     After a summer of sleeping in and doing things at a slower pace, the first day of school can be a rude awakening for both parents and children. Whether your child is starting kindergarten or in their last year as a senior, going back to school is a time of transition with new classes, new teachers, new schedules, and new friends. The end of summer and the beginning of a new school year can be stressful and parents can sometimes overlook their children’s feelings of nervousness or anxiety as school begins.  Fortunately, children are extremely skilled at coping with change. Parents can help them in the process by providing a supportive home environment, nourishing food, and space to listen and offer encouragement.
     To ease the transition, here are some simple ways to help your child get ready for the new school year.   Read more

Demo Class - It’s Easy Being Green…Leaves of Life for Flexibility and Ease

Sunday, October 13 – 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM - $30.00 
Ah, greens, their elegant leaves swaying in the wind, graceful and flexible. These powerhouses of nutrition may look delicate but they give us all we need to face the challenges of life.   Read more

BBQ Recipes

Warm weather usually means cooking out. And for many people, that might mean attending events where meat is on the menu. Here are some recipes for dishes you can bring to a BBQ, or even better...throw your own kind summer BBQ! Nothing can inspire or motivate change better than a belly of delicious foods like grilled veggies -- mushrooms, zucchini, onions, whatever your favorites are!  Read more

Ecotouring in Costa Rica at Finca Luna Nueva

In Costa Rica, they have an expression, "pura vida," which literally translates to "pure life." It's often used as a greeting, but means more than a simple hello or goodbye.  It's an understanding that in Costa Rica, life is good— relax and enjoy it.  Read more

Hanalei Colony Resort Kauai, Hawaii

Magical! Paradise! Heavenly!

“This is as close as you can get to Heaven and still take a breath.”

Being a well-travelled, wee soul, I have to say without a doubt that Kauai, Hawaii is my ultimate ‘top spot’ destination. The Hanalei Colony resort is nestled on a secluded stretch of golden beach, set against the magnificent mountains of Kauai’s north shore, and offers much more than just a place to stay.
  Read more

Healing Summer's Bummers Naturally - by Melanie Waxman

The passion and heat of summer is upon us, and for many, it is a time to get outside, have fun, enjoy the beach, and travel.  However, the scorching weather can trigger a surprising number of ailments. Here are some easy and effective remedies that we often already have in our pantry. Baking soda, apple cider vinegar, chamomile tea, and essential oils are some of the simple ingredients that can sooth away those summer bummers.  Read more

...Road Trip!!!

Summer means strappy sandals, t-shirts and sundresses, long weekends picnicking at the beach and… road trips!!!!
  Read more

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