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The Accidental Detox - by Steve Rockstein

The decision to detox, like most important decisions, is a deeply personal one, often mulled over for months.   The concept begins to gel when you notice the toll that our post-modern lifestyle takes, gradually diminishing the body and spirit of that near-perfect person born so long ago.  And once the decision to detox is made, a method must be chosen.  Many have turned to macrobiotics, with its proven track record of disease reversal.  And this is a great option.  But it takes time.  Months.  Years.  And if you are a foodie like me, with an inspired palate, it’s a tough diet to stick with forever.  After five-years of macrobiotics, perhaps the cleanest diet on the planet, the old toxic temptations (coffee, wine, cheese) began to creep back into my life.  Sure, I always bought organic coffee and natural cheeses; that’s how I justified my indulgences, but organic or not, it was still caffeine, alcohol and dairy that I began to dump in my body again.  With time, my energy level waned.  My spirit struggled.  I knew it was time to detox, again.  This time I turned to juicing, accidentally.  Read more

Holiday Bread - by Steve Rockstein

I remember the first time.  I was just a kid.  My sister and I were stuck in the back of Dad’s ’46 Chrysler sedan.  With no seatbelts, the cavernous gray velvet interior became our mobile play space during a two-week road-trip through New York State’s Finger Lake region.   Dad loved to drive.  It was the ’50s after all, and ‘hitting the open road’ and ‘getting your kicks on Route 66’… was the BIG thing.  For me, it was mostly a bore, an endless succession of chrome dinners, lakefront cabins and Bates Motels.  Read more

Autumn Feasting

Autumn seems to be synonymous with reflection.  As the days shorten and the air cools, we turn our attention indoors…and inward.  Without bright, shining days, sunshine and outdoor activities to distract us, we find the time to pause and ponder.   Read more

Aaaaaaah Autumn!

The long dog days of summer are behind us.  The hot, humid sticky days that are the signature of the season have given way to cool breezes, golden afternoons, the burnished colors of leaves and some of the most incredible food of the year.  Read more

The WELL Life Lived Lighter - by Christina Pirello

Make a Lighter Footprint…Now!
‘All across the world, in every kind of environment and region known to man, increasingly dangerous weather patterns and devastating storms are abruptly putting an end to the long-running debate over whether or not climate change is real. Not only is it real, it’s here and its effects are giving rise to a frighteningly new global phenomenon-the man-made natural disaster.’ -Barack Obama  Read more

Some Things to Consider About Swine Flu before You Panic and Barricade Yourself in Your Home for the Duration.

We live in fear that our insurance won’t cover our heart attack from life’s stress; that is if our immune system doesn’t fail first and leave us exposed to the next animal sourced epidemic. Mad-cow and bird flu, now we’re now plagued with swine flu (makes you wonder what other animals have a virus up their sleeve just waiting to pounce). And with the media coverage, it’s no small wonder that people aren’t screaming in the streets the way it’s being reported. Even Katie Couric was critical of our President kissing and shaking hands at his recent address of Congress in this time of flu panic.  Read more

The Diagnosis

How To See Your Health
Looking in the mirror each morning can be...interesting at best.  For some of us, it’s downright terrifying.  What face will we see today?  What new sign of aging will have marched across our faces as we innocently slept?  Will we be puffy-eyed or will we see dark rings under our weary bloodshot eyes?  Are we pale and listless?  Pimples?  Blotches?  Or will we see more dreaded wrinkles?  And then there are the bad hair days, which for many, are more the norm than the good ones.  Read more

The Illusion of Health Care - By Bill Tara

The great American health care debate has drifted into so many areas of cultural life that the issue of health has been lost in the shouting. The resulting noise has been instructive in one important way; it has shown how shallow our understanding of the issue is and how difficult it is to ask the really important questions.  Read more

Are You Putting Yourself at Risk? - By Ken Dill

Did you ever get hurt doing an exercise you thought would help or doing an exercise that was the latest, coolest exercise everyone else was doing?  Did you ever get hurt doing an exercise that someone told you would help you because it worked wonders for them?   Or do you just not exercise for fear of hurting yourself - instead of helping yourself?  Read more

It's Easy Being Green - by Bill Zaffer

Many today, either individually or as a society, are at a turning point or have already hit bottom with unhealthy addictions health-wise, environmentally and economically.  Sadly, human nature being what it is, most of us have a hard time making necessary changes to improve our situation. Individual awareness, intuitive initiative, common sense, and listening to our heart validate this and mandate efforts to regain our lost connection to nature.  Read more

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