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I am so tired of it all. Aren’t you? With each day that goes by, it seems to me that marketers find new ways to lie to us and manipulate consumers into putting more and more junk food in their shopping carts. And we go along, with no protests, like lambs to the slaughter.  Read more

Cooking Under Pressure - by Christina Pirello

Are you one of those people who say they have no time to cook? No time to get a healthy meal on the table?  After all, there is all that cooking time, right?  Read more

Make That Change! - by Bill Zaffer

I heard the nephew of Ghandi speak at a Spiritual Center I used to attend.  He said. “Americans do not realize it but they are just guinea pigs to corporate influence”.  I stood up and clapped first.  In fact, the majority of people abuse their bodies along with linear wasteful over-consumption habits and the desire for more, bigger, faster is killing the earth God made.  With this economic downturn, we are seeing the results of the thinking that experts have all the answers.  A positive side is many are reevaluating what is important and are learning to survive with less.   Read more

Where Has All the Compassion Gone?

I wanted to talk about something that seriously bugs me. I have lived a vegan lifestyle for more than 25 years and people rarely knew it. I always told myself it was because I disliked labels, so ‘macrobiotic,’ ‘vegan…’whatever was off my list of things to call myself.   Read more

Special Valentine’s Day Menu

Want to impress your sweetie this Valentine’s Day? Time to think outside the box…and be indulgent in a most healthy way. Oh…and you should know up front, there’s no chocolate in this menu (okay, one recipe with an option for it, but really…)  Read more

Eat To Compete: Fueled By Plants - by Matt Tucker

I strive to live a healthy, active lifestyle and eating a plant-based diet has helped me achieve and maintain my goal.  Being a vegetarian is important to me, but it does not define me as a person.  I feel that humans are better designed for meat-free digestion anyway, so I believe that I am more of a natural human and less of any other label.  I support the school of thought that believes the word “vegetarian” comes not from “vegetable” but is derived from the Latin “vegetus”, suggesting that it was coined to describe how “vigorous” and healthy a meat-free person feels.  While I initially became a vegetarian for environmental reasons, I persisted because I felt great, I felt vigorous.  Read more

Chocolate…Truly the Food of the Gods! - by Christina Pirello

The great Swedish botanist, Carolus Linnaeus christened the cacao tree…food of the gods…and boy, was he right! We’ll never know what nirvana is…well, most of us won’t anyway…maybe the Dalai Lama (but I hear he loves chocolate, too)…but chocolate is about as close to ambrosia that we mortals will ever experience. For most of us, a mere taste of chocolate on our tongue can trigger a flood of fond memories…our first Hershey Kiss, licking chocolate ice cream off our wrist during the summer, dipping our fingers into rich chocolate frosting meant for a birthday cake. But hardly any of us think of chocolate as good for us…sinful, surely…decadent, definitely…but healthy? Never…but just this once, you’ll love being wrong.  Read more

This I Believe... - by Ken Dill

We are all one.  As I sit here on the first day of 2010 (pronounced “twenty-ten;” it sounds more futuristic), I contemplate the next decade, as well as the future beyond.  Will we (the human race) advance as a species and survive on this planet…or will we become extinct like the many animals and plants before us (dinosaurs, dodo birds, and hundreds of vegetable species )?  One thing I believe is that unlike previous members of the “extinct club”, if it happens to humans, it will be our own fault.  With our brain power, we have a greater ability to adapt and control our environment than anything else on the planet ever has.  We have manipulated our world through advances in technologies, medicine, etc., but as a whole, we have failed to learn on the thing…WE ARE ALL ONE!  I believe that until our “advanced brains” learn this simple concept, we are doomed to follow the dinosaurs and become part of Earths’ evolutionary history instead of its future.   Read more

The B-12 Dilemma - by Christina Pirello

In our house, 1998 has a pet name…the year from hell.  Everyone has them…those years that you literally count the days until they end…even living a macrobiotic lifestyle does not guarantee immunity to such years.  We may like to think that it does, that living natural, whole lives makes us somehow magically immune to disease and other natural disasters.  Well, maybe not everyone thinks this, but I surely did. I thought that having had…and survived cancer through macrobiotics (trial by fire, in my case) ensured that the rest of my life would sail smoothly along.  I was ‘all in’ in the tragedy department.  Read more

Gluten-Free Cuisine

As an off-shoot of my cooking show, my husband and I own a travel business.  We organize holidays for people who want to continue their commitment to health even while on vacation.  We organize tours of Europe, scuba trips to the Caribbean and retreats in the U.S.  My staff and prepare meals to keep our guests sated and healthy.  The challenges of cooking in varying locales can be exciting and daunting.  Read more

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