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Living As If Life Mattered - by Bill Tara

Life is precious. We all say that but the evidence often tells a different story. When I started doing health counselling in the early 1970’s one of my first clients was a man who was brought to see me by his wife; this is often the case. She had good results with a program I had given her and wanted the same benefits for her husband. He was overweight and had very high cholesterol levels so we reviewed his history and began the process of creating a health plan for him.  Read more

Our Conditioning - by Christy Morgan

I met someone at this awesome vegan restaurant in LA who is a health and fitness expert. He wasn't eating anything and I couldn't figure out why! This place had tasty food so why would you go to a restaurant and not eat? So, being the curious being that I am I went ahead and asked him why he wasn't eating anything. He said he hadn’t done much today (in the way of fitness) so he wasn’t going to eat much today. I got to thinking. That kind of makes sense! If you don’t do a lot of activity it doesn’t really warrant eating a lot of food. Then it got me thinking of how we are conditioned from childhood to get our “square 3 meals a day”, and from the USDA food pyramid to get 'x' number of servings of this or that. We are conditioned to finish our plates and not be wasteful. We are not conditioned to eat when we are hungry and take in less calories if we do not expend much energy in the day. No wonder more than half the US population is either overweight or obese.  Read more

Lift With Your Legs….It’s Not That Simple - by Ken Dill

Everyone knows to lift with your legs.  Most people don’t do it, but most of us have heard that phrase somewhere, sometime.  I’m here to tell you (again) that lifting with your legs is extremely important.  However, it’s only half the battle to avoid injury.  You must also “protect with the abs”!  That means you must contract the abdominal muscles and stabilize the lumbar spine in the neutral position.  Those of you who have been “lifting with the legs” may have actually been putting yourselves more at risk of injury if you weren’t also protecting with your abdominal muscles.  This is because you can lift more weight with your legs than your back muscles.  But now you have more weight on an unprotected spine and thus, a greater chance of straining a ligament or blowing out a disc.  Read more

The Greatest Cleaning Tool Ever!!!!!

I know; I know, it sounds crazy, but it’s true. As a genetically wired to clean Italian, I love a sparklingly shiny house. But I hate what most products do to our environment.  Read more

A Cold Weather Brunch - by Christina Pirello

There’s nothing like cold weather to create the desire to get together, cook and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones…I love this menu!  Read more

Living the Life - by Steve Rockstein

    It happens a lot, often after one of our signature ‘Dinner-on-the-Deck’ extravaganzas. As the wine flows and the artful bounty of whole foods slowly disappears, one of our guests at Chef’s House, my little guest house on St. Thomas, will take a deep breath in, turn to me and say, “You know…this has always been my dream… to live on an island… and open a Bed & Breakfast…”  Read more


I am so tired of it all. Aren’t you? With each day that goes by, it seems to me that marketers find new ways to lie to us and manipulate consumers into putting more and more junk food in their shopping carts. And we go along, with no protests, like lambs to the slaughter.  Read more

Cooking Under Pressure - by Christina Pirello

Are you one of those people who say they have no time to cook? No time to get a healthy meal on the table?  After all, there is all that cooking time, right?  Read more

Make That Change! - by Bill Zaffer

I heard the nephew of Ghandi speak at a Spiritual Center I used to attend.  He said. “Americans do not realize it but they are just guinea pigs to corporate influence”.  I stood up and clapped first.  In fact, the majority of people abuse their bodies along with linear wasteful over-consumption habits and the desire for more, bigger, faster is killing the earth God made.  With this economic downturn, we are seeing the results of the thinking that experts have all the answers.  A positive side is many are reevaluating what is important and are learning to survive with less.   Read more

Where Has All the Compassion Gone?

I wanted to talk about something that seriously bugs me. I have lived a vegan lifestyle for more than 25 years and people rarely knew it. I always told myself it was because I disliked labels, so ‘macrobiotic,’ ‘vegan…’whatever was off my list of things to call myself.   Read more

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