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No Labels, Please. - by Christy Morgan

A post that Christina wrote recently reaffirmed my belief that we must embrace all and get rid of our attachments to the labels “I’m vegan,” “I’m macrobiotic,” “I’m a raw fruitarian,” and “I’m a level 5 vegan who only eats what I can pick with my bare hands while naked.”  All these labels do is separate us. They build up our egos and small selves. When these labels get challenged we blow up, we flip out, we see things that aren’t even real and say things that hurt others. I had this experience recently where something I said was taken completely out of context and the person literally flipped out. I’m thankful for that experience because it helped me see how our attachments blind us and push others away.  We are all playing for the same team so let’s support each other!  Read more

Change Your Life with Chia - by Christina Pirello

When you think of chia seeds, you most likely think of the tiny seeds that were the joke of a generation as we slathered them on clay sculptures and gleefully watched the sprouting of ‘green hair’ on Homer Simpson and porcupines.  Read more

Eat Your Way to Better Sleep - by Christina Pirello

We all want a great night’s sleep. Just about every expert will tell you that most of the ills plaguing modern society have some roots in sleep deprivation. Study after study tells us that not getting enough sleep impairs us in the most dramatic ways. New thinking even refers to fatigue as a modern illness. Our 24/7 connected lifestyle might just be increasing our risks for various diseases including cancer and heart disease, not to mention increasing the risk of obesity. So much for all that Facebook time we spend!  Read more

Emotions and Choices - by Fran Abrams

I am always making choices about food—aren’t we all?  I make choices based on where I do my food marketing, what I cook for breakfast, lunch and dinner and what I am craving at the time.  Sometimes, beautiful displays of food beckon me and I end up eating something unexpected—but that, too, is a choice.  However, not all choices are consciously made. When I am tired, stressed or emotionally upset, my food choices can feel out of my control.   I stuff my face with food and don’t even remember what I’ve eaten--then feel badly about myself.  I am more at peace when I nourish my body in a healthy manner and make my food decisions consciously and wisely.   I can be an emotional eater and emotions really play havoc with my eating.  Read more

The Three Sisters of Your Health - by Christina Pirello

At first glance, a cuisine centered on corn, beans and squash may not seem all that interesting, impressive or chic, but it goes deeper than you might expect. These are no ordinary ingredients. They are the foundation of a civilization…and a very interesting story of three fascinating sisters.  Read more

4 Easy Steps to Waste (Waist) Reduction in Your Diet - by Christy Morgan

The average American throws out 2.5 pounds of trash per day (that is if you recycle, if you don’t it is closer to 4.5 pounds per day). Most of this comes from food packaging, glass and plastic containers, paper, or things that are not biodegradable and just sit in the landfill.  Read more


I dreaded it. Yes, it was my seventh time on board one of the floating palaces known as Costa Cruise lines for the Holistic Holiday at Sea. Yes, I knew the ‘big boat’ left the dock and rocked and rolled its way around the Caribbean. Yes, I am plagued by seasickness…even at the thought of the ship leaving the dock. Yikes! Am I nuts to do this again?  Read more

Changing Kids of America One Taste Bud at a Time - by David Leathers

There are many reasons why our nation is obese: convenience, type of food consumed, inactivity, but the main reason is lack of education. For a person to eat properly, they have to be taught how and unfortunately this is not being done.  Read more

Diet Coke and Women’s Heart Health, a Deadly Combination

Coca Cola should be tried for crimes against humanity. It’s that simple, really. Their latest scam plays on the vulnerability of women knowing that heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women. It capitalizes on women’s obsession with staying slim. And it contributes to the ever-degenerating health of women. All in one shiny can of Diet Coke with a big red heart on it. With love, from another corporate giant out to steal your health.  Read more

What Exactly Does a Cool Ranch Taste Like, Anyway? - by Steve Rockstein

Picture this.  I’m on a slow-moving checkout line at the market… daydreaming.  This is not my favorite space to shop, a big-box warehouse with ugly lighting and uninformed help, but it’s the only place here on St Thomas where I can buy organic Italian olive oil, in real glass, at a reasonable price… so I deal with it.  Read more

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