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Special Gifts From Your Kitchen

My mother was incredibly creative when it came to holiday gifts. From home baked treats to fruit preserves, people would pray they made it onto my mother's gift list. Forget about Santa.  Read more

Why We Eat

Thirty years ago, I changed the way I eat in order to regain my health during a life-threatening illness. Obviously, it worked out well, as I am here and healthy these many years later.   Read more

A Thanksgiving to Remember

Next week is the official beginning of the holiday season. And while we have been seeing ads and commercials for the ‘stuff’ of the holidays for weeks, Thanksgiving, our one day of the year dedicated to gratitude and abundance, is just about upon us.  Read more

Celebrating Chocolate…

The great Swedish botanist, Carolus Linnaeus christened the cacao tree…food of the gods…and boy, was he right! And on National Chocolate Day, we celebrate all things chocolate!  Read more

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, Who’s the Sweetest of Them All?

Sunday, December 15 – 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM - $30.00 
When you think veggies, it’s challenging to think of them as sweet. Cookies are sweet. Candy is sweet. Cupcakes are sweet. But cabbage? Onions? Squash? (Okay, maybe squash…). Sweet veggies are our secret weapon to surviving the holiday season with our health and waistlines intact. Hint: Think pumpkin pie.
  Read more

The Root of It All…Finding Your Strength and Focus

Sunday, November 10 – 11 AM to 2:30 PM - $30.00 
Does it take a village to get you through life? Are you a mess? Lost your focus, your edge?   Read more

Why Being the Lone Vegan Makes You a Power Player

I know for many of you parents raising vegan kids, back-to-school season brings up some fret about being in the minority.  Maybe being vegan has you feeling a bit alone or worried about your kid being left out at birthday parties and classroom holiday meals?  You are probably fatigued by the "People for Eating Tasty Animals" joke and maybe you often feel like you’re the only ones in your social circle who care about animals.  Read more

Stay Healthy This Autumn with these 10 Tips

Change is in the air. Sure, the days are still warm and even humid, but you can almost smell autumn. It’s time to lament the end of summer and leave the dreamy days of beaches, backyards, and barbecues  behind and return to school, work, and… the kitchen.  Read more

Fall into Health and Happiness

It’s here… it’s upon us… back to school. 

Where did my summer go?  Why didn’t I get to the beach more?  Do I really have to break out my black turtle necks and beret and start speaking German already?  I can no longer retreat into a cloud of denial -- it’s getting darker earlier and I swear it smelled like Fall the other night.   Read more

Eating As If Life Matters

The public fascination with food has slowly grown from an interest to an obsession over the past thirty years.  Every kind of cooking show from ethnic cooking to food porn is featured on TV.  Daily newspaper articles tell us that a new danger has been discovered in what we eat or that a new miracle diet has hit the market.  Every time a celebrity eats a piece of tofu, the news is filled with speculation about the safety of soybeans. Proposals favoring regulation of the food industry or better nutrition in schools are met with screams of “over my dead body” from those who fear government intrusion into their life. Many people either chase the rainbow, buying the latest coconut/gingko/antioxidant-rich kale tonic or simply throw up their hands and order a “Happy Meal.  Read more

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