Living the WELL Life

Stay Active!

Walking, running, taking the stairs, cleaning house, walking to work, getting off the bus a few stops early so you’re moving more. Any small activity you can add to your daily routine helps you feel energized and your metabolism stoked. 

Organize a skating party or pick-up football in place of meeting for cocktails and ensure you have a fit holiday season…and spend quality time with the people you love most.

I love this snack to keep everyone’s energy high and their stamina strong.  Read more

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

As the season kicks into high gear, there seems to always be a need for a ‘little gift,’ a little something you might want to bring to a party for the host; something small for that special someone; and the ever-growing need for unique stocking stuffers.

I will proudly tell you that my marketplace boasts a lovely assortment of just what you might need. Check it out at Here are a couple of my favorite things.

Jonathan’s Spoons are made in the U.S. from sustainable cherry wood. They are gorgeous and functional and every cook would love to see one of these beauties peeking out of their stocking. Shop Now! 

Vita Bella Skincare is made in Italy from organic extra virgin olive oil; is vegan; is pure with no icky chemicals to mess with your skin and is an absolutely decadent treat for your skin. Put the gift of beauty in someone’s stocking this year. Shop Now!

Christina Cooking DVD’s are a great little gift for the healthy cook in your life. Step-by-step recipe guidance takes the viewer from start to finished dish with me right there with you. Shop Now!

Head over to the Marketplace and find so many more things to make the holidays brighter.  Read more

Don't Break the Bank

Commercials and advertising encourage us to buy, buy, buy for the holidays. What they don't tell us is that the bills can carry far into the New Year! Set a budget and stick to it for your holiday spending. And be creative with gifts. Make someone a jar of applesauce (see yesterday's tip) or bake them an assortment of cookies before you buy them a cheap sweater from a mall. It's the thought that counts, not the label.  Read more

Special Gifts From Your Kitchen

My mother was incredibly creative when it came to holiday gifts. From home baked treats to fruit preserves, people would pray they made it onto my mother's gift list. Forget about Santa.  Read more

Why We Eat

Thirty years ago, I changed the way I eat in order to regain my health during a life-threatening illness. Obviously, it worked out well, as I am here and healthy these many years later.   Read more

A Thanksgiving to Remember

Next week is the official beginning of the holiday season. And while we have been seeing ads and commercials for the ‘stuff’ of the holidays for weeks, Thanksgiving, our one day of the year dedicated to gratitude and abundance, is just about upon us.  Read more

Celebrating Chocolate…

The great Swedish botanist, Carolus Linnaeus christened the cacao tree…food of the gods…and boy, was he right! And on National Chocolate Day, we celebrate all things chocolate!  Read more

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, Who’s the Sweetest of Them All?

Sunday, December 15 – 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM - $30.00 
When you think veggies, it’s challenging to think of them as sweet. Cookies are sweet. Candy is sweet. Cupcakes are sweet. But cabbage? Onions? Squash? (Okay, maybe squash…). Sweet veggies are our secret weapon to surviving the holiday season with our health and waistlines intact. Hint: Think pumpkin pie.
  Read more

The Root of It All…Finding Your Strength and Focus

Sunday, November 10 – 11 AM to 2:30 PM - $30.00 
Does it take a village to get you through life? Are you a mess? Lost your focus, your edge?   Read more

Why Being the Lone Vegan Makes You a Power Player

I know for many of you parents raising vegan kids, back-to-school season brings up some fret about being in the minority.  Maybe being vegan has you feeling a bit alone or worried about your kid being left out at birthday parties and classroom holiday meals?  You are probably fatigued by the "People for Eating Tasty Animals" joke and maybe you often feel like you’re the only ones in your social circle who care about animals.  Read more

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