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Just Do It

I know; I know; I’m discouraged, too. We all thought we would see more change and less strife. I know that I really believed that everyone in Washington would magically begin to play well together after the last election.  Read more

Cook Your Way to the Life You Want - by Christina Pirello

That's what we did on and 60 Our Bodies in Balance cooking course.  We started cooking our way to a healthier tomorrow.  The smells and flavors of these dishes can't be beat and they'll do wonders for your body too!  More great dishes are in the making at my November and December classes Read more

'Tis the Season

You survived it…the summer of beach time, barbecues, block parties, late nights. ‘Tis a new season as we face the reality of head colds and flu…and surviving that!  Read more

Memories of My Grandmother - by Frances Abrams

I have many happy childhood memories around food.  There’s my father’s spaghetti sauce and chop suey and my mother’s cold pickled salmon and meatball soup.  But I will always have the fondest memories of the food my Jewish grandmother made.  My bubbie (Yiddish for “grandmother”) emigrated from Eastern Europe at the end of the 19th century.  She brought with her recipes of the foods of her culture and heritage.  Every Friday evening, climbing the stairs to her apartment, I would be welcomed with the aromas of noodle kugel, chicken soup and apple babka.  Upon entering her kitchen I was immediately embraced with the smells of brisket and potato knishes.  And, of course, every good Jewish cook would have a pot of rendered chicken fat sitting on the stove.    Read more

HR.5504 - An Ode to Childhood Nutrition

The bill under consideration by our esteemed Congress is interesting to me. It's important to understand that not one piece of nutritional legislation passed in this country is without influence by special interest groups.  We never get the real or whole truth, but the truth as spun by various lobby groups from meat to dairy and all the processed and unhealthful foods in between.  Read more

A Spectacular Saturday - by Christina Pirello

Last weekend we had a full house at my cooking demo in Philadelphia!  We talked a lot about how a whole foods plant-based diet can keep you looking and feeling oh-so-young and sexy.  I want to share some of the recipes from that day with you, my readers, so you can reap the benefits too.  Enjoy!  Read more

Redirect Self-Sabotaging Behavior, (re)Discover Yourself - by Joe Wheeler

When the book “Eat, Pray, Love” came out, the meditations it offered on life—layered with humor, wry wit and an intriguing travelogue—contained enough richness and depth that it was a hit with readers because it not only entertained but offered insights into life in modern times. The story shed light, in several ways over a yearlong period, on the pauses we may need to take in order to discover new ways of being, to always be a conscious creator of things in our lives. (Whether Julia Roberts and the movie do those insights justice, well, I will leave that to the reviewers!)  Read more

Ode to Autumn - by Christina Pirello

Fall is one of my favorite times of year.  The air is crisp and breezy, the foliage is a sight to see, the earthy tastes and warm dishes that come from the fruits of the season cannot be beat.  I've created a menu that brings out all the flavors of fall.  Your taste buds will be singing an Ode to Autumn.     Read more

Here We Go Again!

While Dr. Mercola's response to Angelina Jolie's assertion that being a vegan nearly killed her makes some valid points...very valid points about the differences in each and every human, he clearly has his own agenda, made clear by his own words talking about vegans and the choices they make:     Read more

Back to School - by Frances Abrams

The week of Labor Day has always signified to me the beginning of a new year.  It’s when kids go back to school, when summer vacation ends, and when college classes start. It is also the time when many celebrate Rosh Hashanah—the Jewish New Year.  It is also the beginning of a new school year for me as I begin to prepare for the cooking classes I will be teaching this fall.  Every year there are new things to learn, new skills to develop and new friends to meet.  Read more

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