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Cleaning up for the New Year - by Christina Pirello

It’s the new year. You’ve made the decision to clean up your eating habits, de-tox your body and get fit. Maybe you’ve made this resolution before, but what if it could really ‘stick’ this time? What if you re-thought the way you approached food and eating and really changed your life?   Read more

A Family Feast to Remember ~ by Cynthia Goch

“One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” ~ Dr. Seuss

Actually, there are 7 Fishes in the celebration of the Italian Tradition, “Feast of the 7 Fishes.” I grew up with this Italian tradition as I took part in the many days in preparing for Christmas Eve and the many dishes of the fishes!  It is a tradition that continues, and lives within the heart of my family today.  Read more

The Gift You Give Yourself - by Ken Dill

Not enough people in this country exercise regularly. I know that may sound like a bold statement, but I’m sure it’s true.  I don’t have the exact percentages at my fingertips, but until it’s 100% it’s not enough! Exercise is not optional for healthy living. Just like eating and sleeping, it is an absolute necessity.   Read more

My Holiday Wish

I was all set. I had this great last-minute holiday blog ready to go. I have been hibernating while writing a new book (done any minute now…) and I admit I have neglected all my blogs. So I sat down, my Christmas tree glowing in the corner of the living room, and I wrote a sweet holiday blog meant to wish joy and inspiration for the new year.   Read more

Holiday Cheer - by Christina Pirello

It's that time of year again.  Holiday parties are in full swing and you know what that means...lots of eating!  But you can have your cookies and eat them too.  I've got an array of treats that will satisfy your palate and not contribute to the "lose the holiday weight" goal on your new year's resolutions list.  Now that's something to celebrate!  Happy and healthy eats!   Read more

Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving - by Frances Abrams

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year—and it has nothing at all to do with the turkey.  For me it is all about family traditions.  Thanksgiving has always signified a time for family and loved ones.  It’s  about gathering around the living room and reconnecting with kids and people you love.  It’s about watching the Macy’s parade and the football games and going for a long walk on a cool, brisk November afternoon.   Read more

Why Must Corporations Sell Lies? - by Christy Morgan

Living in Los Angeles, I’m constantly bombarded with billboards trying to sell me stuff. It’s one of the most annoying things I face living here, next to traffic, where I sit with nothing to do but look at all the billboards. Most of the billboards selling a product are selling lies. For instance, the newest Coca Cola campaign says to “Open Happiness.”  As if drinking Coke is going to make you happy. What a joke! Drinking Coke is going to send you into a spiral of depression, obesity, and diabetes. Sodas in general are known for their high sugar content, high fructose corn syrup to be exact, which is linked to all kinds of health problems.

  Read more

So Much to Be Thankful For - by Christina Pirello

It’s that time of year…the harvest is in; the abundance of the planet never more in evidence.  As summer days fade into memory, the cool crisp days remind us that the holiday season is close at hand.  Read more

The Perfect Chocolate Cupcake

Picture a dreary Monday. I am working like crazy on a new cookbook, as it’s on a serious deadline and I get a sudden craving for…cupcakes. I try to put it out of my mind. I drink a tall glass of water. I take a walk. I work some more.  Read more

Warm Me Up - by Christina Pirello

It's fall in Philadelphia and today it feels a bit more like winter!  The weather definitely influences my food choices as I look to cool down in the summer with light entrees and embrace rich, warm and creamy food in the fall or winter.  Here's a menu of dishes inspired for those rainy or cool days of autumn.  They go well with a comfy couch, cozy blanket and a good movie.   Read more

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