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Vegan Pregnancy Q&A, Part III

Hi Gang!  Here is part III of Alicia's interview on cultivating a healthy vegan pregnancy.  We've covered everything from formulas and supplements to using soy in a vegan mama's diet.  You can still check out part I and part II of Alicia's interview.  And now, we answer questions of bringing up (vegan) baby.  Read more

A Look Back at a Year of Research - by Neal Barnard, M.D.

Back when Christina and other experts first started advocating plant-based diets, the concept was new to so many people, including most doctors and researchers. But things are changing. Study after study has shown the benefits of plant-based diets and confirmed the risk of meaty diets. Here’s a look back at some of the research highlights from this past year.  Read more

Vegan Pregnancy Q&A, Part II

Here is part II of Alicia Silverstone's interview, featuring and Susan Levine and yours truly. 

Are prenatal vitamins vegan?  Read more

Vegan Pregnancy Q&A, Part I

My dear friend Alicia Silverstone recently interviewed me and Susan Levine on the topic of preparing for a vegan pregnancy.  Here’s part one of her three-part series.     Read more

Look Who's Coming to Dinner - by Christina Pirello

This meal is a tasty one indeed and it's a perfect menu for a grown-ups night with good friends and sparkling dinner conversation.  What are you waiting for?  Get your party started!  You'll be the talk of the town!    Read more

Ying and Yang - by Christina Pirello

Everyone seeks to have balance in their time to balance out work time, adequate sleep to recharge from a busy day, meditation or yoga to get the picture.  Balance is important on your plate too.  It's good to eat meals full of variety, including lots of different veggies and greens.  Here are some of my favorite recipes, combined to offer you a truly balanced meal.  You'll feel oh-so-good!    Read more

Cleaning up for the New Year - by Christina Pirello

It’s the new year. You’ve made the decision to clean up your eating habits, de-tox your body and get fit. Maybe you’ve made this resolution before, but what if it could really ‘stick’ this time? What if you re-thought the way you approached food and eating and really changed your life?   Read more

A Family Feast to Remember ~ by Cynthia Goch

“One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” ~ Dr. Seuss

Actually, there are 7 Fishes in the celebration of the Italian Tradition, “Feast of the 7 Fishes.” I grew up with this Italian tradition as I took part in the many days in preparing for Christmas Eve and the many dishes of the fishes!  It is a tradition that continues, and lives within the heart of my family today.  Read more

The Gift You Give Yourself - by Ken Dill

Not enough people in this country exercise regularly. I know that may sound like a bold statement, but I’m sure it’s true.  I don’t have the exact percentages at my fingertips, but until it’s 100% it’s not enough! Exercise is not optional for healthy living. Just like eating and sleeping, it is an absolute necessity.   Read more

My Holiday Wish

I was all set. I had this great last-minute holiday blog ready to go. I have been hibernating while writing a new book (done any minute now…) and I admit I have neglected all my blogs. So I sat down, my Christmas tree glowing in the corner of the living room, and I wrote a sweet holiday blog meant to wish joy and inspiration for the new year.   Read more

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