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Summer Sizzles - by Cynthia Goch

As we move into July and August it’s time to celebrate summer.  Summertime translates into our desire to become lighter, happier and healthier as we slow it down a bit and take in the fresh air, sunshine, and the refreshment of a summer shower.  We spend more time connecting with one another in the outdoors and traveling and visiting family and friends or simply refreshing in the warmth of the sun.  Read more

Are Health Drinks Healthy? by Joe Wheeler

I recently tried Kombucha, a fermented tea touting health properties, for the first time and decided that after 30 days of use and research I’d write about my experience. Kombucha goes back thousands of years in Eastern countries such as China and Japan, but I’m one of those Westerners to whom it was brand new.  So, my question in trying something new and healthy in the way of food or drink was how to make an informed decision. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype about something trendy, whether good or bad.  Read more

The Scoop on Wheatgrass - by Christina Pirello

Wheatgrass is one of the most intensely concentrated nutrients. And while I always say it tastes like drinking the lawn, it can be a healthful addition to one’s diet.   Read more

Shopping the Colors of the Rainbow - by Frances Abrams

Many of us regard Memorial Day Weekend as the beginning of summer.  Perhaps that is because summertime foods begin to make their appearance at the local farmers’ markets at about that time.  I’ve tried to conjure up some childhood memories of summer foods, but only two come to mind—ice cream and corn on the cob.  I’m always fascinated when I begin to associate food with good memories and discover that they often go together.  Of course, corn on the cob was always served with lots of melted butter when I was a child and ice cream was a treat in a large sugar cone with chocolate jimmies on top – a New England favorite.  Today I eat my corn “naked” and I rarely indulge in frozen treats.  Read more

Chocolate and Nuclear Reactors Are Good For You - by Bill Tara

At a recent workshop I gave in Scotland a woman proudly presented me with a newspaper article titled Hurrah! Red Meat is Good for Us After All.  She was very proud of this discovery. Here are some direct quotes from the article:  “A report demolishes the “myths and misconceptions” about meat saying that most people eat healthy amounts that are not linked to greater risk of disease. The author of the paper [and a member of the Meat Advisory Panel], Dr. Ruxton, said, “Many young women were iron deficient and should be eating more red meat. There is no reason to eat less red meat if you enjoy it.  You don’t need to eat meat every day; you can eat fish twice a week.”  Read more

Life As a Vegan Gym Rat - by Christina Pirello

When I began my macrobiotic practice 26 years ago, I was terminally ill.  Given six to nine months to live, training and fitness were some of the last things on my mind. I had always been fit: weight training was like breathing for me and as a teenager, I was a competitive swimmer. But with my diagnosis, I knew my lifestyle had to dramatically. I walked away from the foods that had helped make me sick, burning the candle at both ends at work and yes, my beloved gym. I was told by natural living experts that I needed to conserve my energy for healing, which made sense to me at that juncture in my life.    Read more

Oh Them Bones! - by Christina Pirello

May is Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month. This epidemic, affecting both men and women, is largely preventable…and reversible. Did you know you get a brand new skeleton every 3-4 years? Cooking for your bones is delicious, rich and exciting…and you will stand tall and straight from your youth to your golden years!  Here's a tasty menu to get you started.

Mexican Black Bean Soup
Quinoa Salad with Almonds and Chia
Miso Braised Tofu with Garlic Sautéed Kale
Bitter Green Salad with Dulse Sprinkle
Sesame Hiziki Salad
Zeppole with Orange Glaze  Read more

Changing with the Seasons - by Frances Abrams

We finally have some spring-like weather in the northeast.  Although the calendar indicated that spring arrived weeks ago, the climate has remained cold and rainy here.  It has been difficult to shift to a lighter way of eating this spring when my body has been craving heavier foods to deal with the cold weather.  Read more

Connected to Everything - by Simon Brown

It is interesting to explore how connected we all are. Sometimes I feel so connected it is hard to know where my boundaries are. This usually happens when I feel happy, loving or accepting. Negative emotions bring back those feelings of having a boundary. When I think about it we are literally connected to everything.  Read more

My Story of Growing up Italian and Where It Got Me to Today - by Christina Pirello

My life began when I was 14. Okay, I was born fourteen years before that, but…   Read more

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