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My Cat- by Jessica Porter

Friday, May 07, 2010

If you read this blog with any regularity, you know that I am a cat person.  I have a weird cat, named George, who does weird things like lay on my Korean massage bed like a human being .  That’s why I love cats… they’re weird. 

No matter how hard I’ve tried, I really can’t train George.  When I try to get him to do something, I think he understands the command, but he doesn’t obey, just to spite me.  He just stares at me with a look of contempt mixed with pity, thinking "you idiot, trying to train a cat."  That’s why I love cats… they’re arrogant.

If anything, he’s trained me.  In the morning, he chews on some part of my anatomy  to get me up and give him a treat.  At night, he stares at me and meows until I get out the red laser pointer and trace it quickly up the door , causing him to jump about four feet in the air.  That’s why I love cats… they’re like Mike Tyson  and Michael Jordan  all in one.

Now dogs… they’re different.  I’ve never really understood dogs because they’re so… obediant.  They actually WANT to please people.  And to that end, they are crazily trainable.  Is that a word?

Anyway when I was in Florida recently, I hung out with a dog named Revolution .  She is a Border Collie with miss-matched eyes and uncanny resemblance to Keith Richards .  Her human is Tori Self , a just-turned eighteen year old, and truly Hip Chick, who has been training various canines in Dog Agility since she was 12.  Now I’ve known Tori’s mom and stepdad for a few years now and I’ve seen the hundreds of ribbons  in Tori’s room, and even spewed annoying, unsolicited adult advice at her… having no idea that she and Revolution were National Champions.  I also didn’t realize that Tori has a website called, that she is famous for doing the Agility courses barefoot, or that Miss Rev–as she’s known–has her own freakin’ blog!  That’s a dog.  With a blog.

I’ve seen Tori and Rev train and it is a remarkable thing .  She can get that dog to turn in circles, and climb backwards up a tree, and even cook up a pot of brown rice !  THEY PUT ME AND POOR GEORGE TO SHAME.

So, I encourage you to follow Tori and Rev’s careers on Twitter.  They are going off to The University of Florida at Gainesville this fall.  I love them dearly, but I’m still stuck on cats.  Psssssst.  George!!!


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