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Make That Change! - by Bill Zaffer

Friday, February 19, 2010

I heard the nephew of Ghandi speak at a Spiritual Center I used to attend.  He said. “Americans do not realize it but they are just guinea pigs to corporate influence”.  I stood up and clapped first.  In fact, the majority of people abuse their bodies along with linear wasteful over-consumption habits and the desire for more, bigger, faster is killing the earth God made.  With this economic downturn, we are seeing the results of the thinking that experts have all the answers.  A positive side is many are reevaluating what is important and are learning to survive with less.

Since learning to live green since the late 80’s, I have always believed churches must begin to talk about good stewardship of God’s creation.  Some do not believe in God but if you think from the heart or have common sense, using the earth in a disposable way takes us further away from the land, separates us from community, creates more poor abuse for land and cheap labor.  When I was in college, I use to disagree with my advertising professor on need versus want and what was better for society.  He said I would never be hired by a company in advertising because I had to convince the public they have a want.  Well, one can see corporations use advertising telling us to want more or that we never have enough money.  That cultural thinking creates violence and violates the value of each thread of the vast web of life.  Oh, I never looked for a job in advertising.

Some term this sacredness of creation as eco-spirituality.  More churches are dealing with this issue and we should ask our churches, mosques, temples, or spiritual centers to form committees on environmental justice.  Like all big movements, religious institutions can change our cultural, economic and social conditions.  Like the movie “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray, we will keep repeating the same mistakes and see the same results that are so obvious.  You can start by picking up three recyclable items when found around your car, hiking, walking or riding a bike. Eat less meat and start an organic garden for you or your family. MAKE THAT CHANGE!


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