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It's Easy Being Green - by Bill Zaffer

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Many today, either individually or as a society, are at a turning point or have already hit bottom with unhealthy addictions health-wise, environmentally and economically.  Sadly, human nature being what it is, most of us have a hard time making necessary changes to improve our situation. Individual awareness, intuitive initiative, common sense, and listening to our heart validate this and mandate efforts to regain our lost connection to nature.

My personal bottom came from smoking pot, the loss of a relationship and being totally broke.  My transition back to a natural environment, a sensible and realistic economic position, and a naturally healthy lifestyle, came after sound counseling. The counselor helped me to quit my bad habits and told me to learn about cleansing and exploring my spiritual side.

One day while shopping at a local health store I discovered an internationally marketed product called Arise and Shine.  I incorporated it into my new lifestyle and have since become more aware of all the toxicity around me.

I learned organic foods and home cooking are parts of an ongoing cleansing process. Growing up in the restaurant business helped with that aspect of my cleansing, but I still had to gain knowledge on organics and better nutrition. Owning an aerobic studio and teaching mini-trampolines, I knew I needed to substitute bad habits with positive ones. Meditating also helped me significantly.

Shortly thereafter, I attended a Rainforest Coalition meeting at the University of Arizona in Tucson that changed my earlier views on neighborhood development. Even though I’d grown up with a family of entrepreneurs and had some disagreements with the speaker, I soon came to realize urban sprawl was an idea of progress that did not make sense to me.

The speaker told me to read a book by Herman Daly who at one time was the Senior Economist in the Environmental Department of World Bank. After reading his book, “For the Common Good”, I couldn’t help but gravitate towards his knowledge and ideas. Why? They made common sense.

In the late 90’s I heard Dr. Kellogg (no relation to Tony the Tiger) speak to a packed crowd at Tucson High School for Sierra of Tucson.  He basically said that if people don’t care about their own health, they are not apt to care about protecting the environment.  If you ever noticed, what products litter the ground? The answer: junk food, unhealthy items.  Today, many exercise at gyms which plays a part in living healthy but still many people do not see the correlation of good health and environment lifestyles. 

We as a country may want to look inward with new solutions.  There needs to be a rebirth of cultural and religious norms which is slowly evolving.  Recently, New York City Mayor Bloomberg said on PBS, “Americans will do the right thing when they run out of options.” Well, we have! And the solution is to go green. Mayor Bloomberg is going green with New York City; will you as a citizen, business owner or civic leader make the transition? Time will tell.

I hope you enjoy future articles that will open peoples’ minds to a new paradigm shift that we must consider as a society.  It has certainly worked for me (I save around $600 a month by eating healthy, living in harmony with the environment and meditating); it can work for you too.


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