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I Couldn’t Possibly Do That! - by Ken Dill

Friday, May 07, 2010

I understand this “wellness lifestyle” and vegetarian eating may be working for you.  But I couldn’t possibly do that, it’s torture.  I can’t give up everything I love because you say it would make me healthier, happier, more vital and full of life.  Yes, I’ve read some (not all - there were too many) of the scientific, unbiased studies that you gave me.  But I got confused by all the references to other studies that back up their findings.  I didn’t realize there was so much documentation supporting reversal of disease and how to live a long, healthy life.  I usually get my health information from TV or newspapers headlines (I don’t even have time to read the article) or whatever magazine is in reach at the grocery checkout. Yes, I know you said some of the greatest thinkers in human history like Plato, Socrates, Einstein, and Da Vinci were vegetarian but they just had this guy on the 10 o’clock news who said…

You say I should exercise more.  I couldn’t possibly do that; I don’t have time.  I usually get up late, on the third or fourth alarm ring, because I’m tired all the time.  Then I don’t want to be late for work (I have to allow time to grab breakfast at Dunkin Donuts or McDonald’s).  So the morning exercise is out.  When I get home, I’m even more tired from sitting at the computer all day.  I know you say if I take a 30-minute walk it will energize me but I don’t believe it.  I’ve never tried it but just the thought makes me tired. Anyway, I might have to talk to one of our neighbors about this.  They are always so nice and smiling and, well, neighborly.  Talking will probably wear me out even more.

I guess I could do that 20-minute exercise and stretching routine you gave me a while back.  But where would I find a place to do it?  No…I couldn’t possibly do that either.

Yeah, I know you told me just last week about that study that showed how beneficial getting proper sleep can be and just going to bed earlier might be a good way to start feeling less tired.  That sounds good and all, but I couldn’t possibly do that.  Which of my favorite TV shows could I miss?  None.  Then I’d have to watch the news to keep in touch with current events (war, murder, economic crisis, and so on and so on).  There may even be some new health tips that I can act on without really changing what I already do.

I still haven’t lost those 25 pounds I’ve been working on for a few years.  I tried Atkins, the Zone and even the “Eat Right 4 Your [Blood] Type” diet.  They seemed easier because it was food I already liked eating and there weren’t so many darn referenced studies to confuse me. When that didn’t work at all or I gained back what I lost (plus a few more!), I did try one of your vegetarian recipes.  You know, I have to admit it tasted great and wasn’t really that hard to make and I felt plenty full for a while afterward.  But do that every night…I couldn’t possibly do that.  It took an extra 10-15 minutes in the grocery store to find the stuff.  I guess I don’t usually spend that much time in the produce section. I know my way around the meat counter better. And they’re always having a sale on one of my favorites: lunch meats, hamburgers, steaks, or a holiday ham or turkey.  Produce never seems to be on sale.  And cut back on dairy?…I couldn’t possibly do that.  Anyway, where would I get my calcium?  Everyone knows drinking milk and eating dairy are the only ways to get enough.  Seems like everyone I know is on some Fosamax osteoporosis drug or another.  I guess they just need to drink more milk.  I did try once to cut back.  It didn’t work.  I tried to think of what I could hold off from eating…milkshakes, ice cream, yogurt, cheese, or my morning latte.  No latte would be torture.  Anyway, if I start buying all that expensive organic produce, I might not have enough money for my prescription drugs that keep me healthy.  There’s one for my blood pressure, one for my cholesterol, one for my blood sugar and one for my bones and…well…I forget the rest.

I know you gave me all those studies that showed that eating a plant-based diet with no dairy will help keep me healthy so I don’t need to take all those drugs.  But can I afford to take that chance since my doctor prescribed them for me?  And he said that if any more side effects occur, he can just give me another drug that will take care of it. Then I surely couldn’t afford the expensive organic produce…no, I couldn’t possibly do that.

I know this wellness lifestyle thing is working for you and all those other people in those well-documented scientific studies.  I know the vegetarian food tastes great and weren’t that hard to make.  And I suppose I could learn my way around the produce section.  And if I cut out the meat and dairy, I could afford the organics.  And maybe if I found someone to walk with me after work it might be, dare I say, fun.  You know I do enjoy looking at the neighbors’ gardens and what they’ve done with their houses.  And that 15-20 minutes of exercise and stretching could work on the living room floor with a little exercise mat.  And if I learn how to work my DVR, I could go to bed a little earlier.  But as I think about all those changes, it seems so drastic, so “out there.”  I just don’t think I could possibly do that.  It’s so much easier to stick with the “conservative” medical approach of letting my doctor “check up” on me when I call with a problem and then go with the recommended medication or surgery to fix it.  Insurance will pay for it and then I’ll be good as new…right?


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