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Give Yourself A Facial—From The Inside, Out!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How many hundreds of dollars do women spend a year on fancy facial creams, expensive chemical peels or radical laser treatments to look and feel years younger? And at the end of the day, are these methods worth it? Are they working? Or are we contradicting ourselves by creating a need for these measures with the very food we put in our bodies?

While I’m sure there is some validity to these costly attempts, let’s ask ourselves how that budget would be cut in half or even eliminated if we took the time to let our food be our path to beauty. After all, what’s the point anyway if we use chemicals on our faces and chemicalized foods in our bodies, all while expecting miraculous results? Why not cut out the chemical peels and the chemical-filled, processed foods? Turn to Mother Nature and save loads of cash while getting natural, “feel-good” results!

Plant-based eating can be one of your strongest advocates to preserving youth. There is no magic bullet, no single sure-shot answer to the never-ending quests with the anti-aging saga for millions everywhere.   I’d rather think of my personal lifestyle as being a “pro-youth” lifestyle rather than an “anti-aging” one. The connotation of pro-youth is much more refreshing and motivating. It’s also easier to recognize foods that fit into this category of being pro-youth. Everyone is bent on anti-aging this, anti-aging that…yet, strangely, how many times do we stop to acknowledge the “aging” foods and habits and cut those out so that the “anti-aging” foods have an even more profound effect? Eating lots of blueberries, super greens and all the zippy new fad foods is great, but let’s remember to kick out those punky aging foods! Goodbye meat! Goodbye dairy! So long refined sugar! Imagine how much more powerful our daily chow could be if we focus only on the good and forget about the bad. Talk about punching up the power of anti-oxidants! WOW! This is double good now.

Yes, genetics plays a part on our rate of aging. But “nature vs. nurture” wins every time. Let’s do what we can with what we got! 

The liver and skin are best buddies. So if you struggle with skin conditions, there’s a good chance you need to do a basic herbal liver cleanse. Besides taking liver-supportive herbs for good skin, keeping your colon populated with beneficial bacteria (probiotics) has been a great way to control breakouts in the younger crowd. And another tip that I love: sliced cucumbers make a great toner. Swipe them over your face after washing at night for toning, tightening, clarifying and promoting a youthful glow. No chemicals. Just goodness straight from the source: nature.  Juicing cucumbers is super hydrating and delicious too! 

There’s other ways I max out my youth-preserving potential on a daily basis. Even though I’ve never tried drinking alcohol or cigarettes (big-time aging habits) I used to drink soft drinks like everyone else…but man, that ridiculous amount of sugar not only makes a person hyper and unhealthy, but also accelerates aging. Since cutting out soda at 18, my list has gotten much longer over the past 15 years. Now at 33, many people think I’m only 23! Holistic living does have its perks! And you can do it too! It’s all the small things that add up! And it’s never too late to start! Improving yourself can be done at any age. Remember to be consistent with your efforts and you’re your results will show up over the years. Along with tons of fresh fruits and veggies and fresh juices, here is a list of things I believe can tremendously promote youthfulness:
   • Eliminating artificial colors or flavors, alcohol, cigarettes, meat, dairy, and soda.
   • Seriously reducing refined sugar (think less than 20 grams a day) because people typically
     consume over 100 grams of refined sugar daily! Eliminating it would be even better!
   • Plenty of water (think half your body weight—in ounces—every single day)
   • Almost no caffeine (bits of quality dark chocolate only!)
   • Frequent laughter! Smiles are the sunshine of life!
   • Adequate intake of Omega-3 fats from flax seeds, hemp seeds, walnuts, avocados, sea
     vegetables and more

At the end of the day, we can look back and be proud of our efforts in creating a quality of life that sustains us from the gifts of nature. Using food as a method of promoting youth can be exhilarating and exciting! Growing older does not mean we grow less beautiful like some companies would like us to think. Beauty is not measured in the absence of wrinkles or the use of a surgical knife. Aging gracefully is the name of the game and I truly believe we can grow more beautiful as we age—on the inside and out!


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