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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I was traveling this past week, and met up with a long-time friend.   Her work and dedication is in the medical profession, committed to improving and saving the lives of many.  As we caught up on the happenings of our lives and we were about to part, she gave me the news. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, about to undergo accelerated treatments, and recovering from surgery.  Those words are life-changing.  The record begins to play in our minds and we ask ourselves, ‘Where and how do we begin to face the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges?

As I listened to her story, wanting to remove her pain, my mind immediately went to food and nutrition.  After all, food IS medicine.  I delicately asked her if she considered looking at nutrition as a resource.  She replied by saying that she will not give up her daily dose of alcohol, rare red meat, and expressed how much she enjoyed that part of her diet.  I left quietly in support of her as a friend, and also feeling quite sad that her choices were overpowering not only her quality of life, but her potential existence.  

While there are no guarantees for a cure, and there are no guarantees that changing our diets will cure our illnesses, one will never know unless we give it a try.  Why not make changes – large or small, that may improve our overall quality of life?

In my work with Christina, I have learned how very important food, and the very energy of food, is to our health and quality of life.  It is important that we pay attention to the old and new findings that are beginning to come to light about food as medicine. For those who want to improve their health, struggle with an illness, want to eat a cleaner diet, or simply want and need the knowledge to pass along to others, we now have a wealth of accessible information and offerings to educate us about the power of food and guide us to better health.



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