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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It’s finally here…Christmas Eve. Time to end the season as it began…chillin.’

Growing up, this day was considered more special than the big event itself. We used this day as a time of quiet reflection on the spiritual meaning of the holiday season. As the day progressed, we would work in the kitchen preparing the feast to be enjoyed by family and friends after Midnight Mass (yes, a feast during the wee hours of the morning…) that carried into Christmas Day.

No matter what you celebrate (or don’t…), take this day to reflect on the meaning of life and all the blessings you enjoy. Step away from all the holiday activity and sit quietly, enjoying the peace that seems to fill the air on this day.

I like to sit by my Christmas tree, the lights glowing warmly; the house dark and quiet. I bask in the absolute peace and quiet that puts the holiday season in perspective for me.

Religious, spiritual, pagan, agnostic…whatever guides you in your life, use this day and night to find your path to peace and commit to creating joy and harmony in your life.


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