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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Autumn was moving along quite nicely when Mother Nature slapped the East Coast silly with Hurricane Sandy and the Jersey Shore, where I spent every summer of my youth was forever changed. As of this writing, the coast and its resilient residents struggle to regain their footing and recreate their lives. And while everyone talks about how tough people from New Jersey are (and we are), this still sucks…for them and for our brothers and sisters in New York, Delaware, parts of Pennsylvania…and well, anywhere else that storm hit so hard.

As I sit in my comfortable office, warm and safe, my heart breaks for those displaced in this tragic turn of nature. We all struggle with what to do, how to help, how we can make a difference. As we should. As humans, we are all one being. This did not just happen to New Jersey or New York or Jamaica. It happened to all of us, so our collective heart is broken.

And so we come together. We collect, donate, volunteer; we do anything we can to alleviate the pain and suffering of our fellow beings. Even the ugliness of the campaign season was lost for a few precious days as we came together as one human family committed to helping those who needed it. It made me proud to be human…a human from New Jersey, some of the coolest, toughest, community-minded people I have ever known. Yes, they will survive this and rebuild a new Jersey Shore. They will rejuvenate Manhattan. Life will go on.

Soon, Hurricane Sandy will leave the headlines and we will move on to the next news story, the next ‘big thing.’ But as with September 11, this tragedy brought out the best in humanity. It brought us together. It made us better; we forgot our differences.

Maybe it’s my Jersey roots, but here at Christina Cooks we won’t forget Hurricane Sandy and will continue to work and help to get relief to those at the shore who won’t be as quickly restored to their lives as quickly as we will forget. We will raise money for them to re-build and work in any way we can to help restore the beaches in New Jersey to their sparklingly lovely expanses.

You’ll be hearing from us throughout the holiday season with ways that you can get involved and help. And it starts right now. To get money right to the victims of Hurricane Sandy, click onto and donate what you can. Or come to cooking class (where we also film my cooking show). For each seat sold, we will donate $5 to this special fund for New Jersey.

As we enter the holiday season, the time of year that speaks of peace on earth and goodwill toward men, let’s keep our fellow humans in mind as we celebrate. I’m not saying we should not enjoy this festive time with our loved ones; I’m just saying we need to remember all our loved ones, even the ones we haven’t met yet. 


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