Ken Dill

As a Physical Therapist for more than 27 yrs specializing in manual therapy, low back pain and sports orthopedics, Ken has been an adjunct professor at the University of Delaware and authored "Tennis Elbow...a Closer Look", "The Healthy Back School" and "Clinical Applications of Water Therapy". Currently a nationally ranked tennis player, high school tennis coach and certified USPTA tennis teaching pro, he has lectured at the International USPTA annual conference on topics like "The Top 10 Exercises for Elite Tennis Players" .He has also been the PT (and special assistant coach) for the World Team Tennis franchise Delaware Smash 2002-2008.

Do You Have “Monkey Mind?”

Achieving optimal weight and health is both a mental and physical process.  To improve our physical health through exercise and diet, we must also slim down our minds, so to speak.   As much as we may overeat, we may also over think everything as well.  I call this Monkey Mind.  Read more

Still Misunderstood

The basic calorie is still misunderstood by most everyone including many medical professionals. First defined by Nicholas Clement in 1824 cal is a unit of heat (or you can think of it as a unit of work). 1 cal equals 4.18 joules which is equal to the amount of energy needed to raise 1 g of water 1°C at one atmospheric pressure (sea level ).  Read more

The Big Three

There are many factors that will determine your health through the years, including but not limited to: genetics, environment, attitude/outlook, risk taking, stress, chemical consumption (medications or otherwise,) smoking, sleep (or lack there of,) food, “food like substances”, movement ( exercise, etc...) and many others. Boy, that’s a lot of stuff. So which one is most important? Which one should I focus on and really pay attention to the most so that I can be healthy, live long, and prosper? Although all these things will surely impact your health as you attempt to age gracefully, I believe the things that we can control and do everyday will have the most long term impact on your health maintenance through the years. Namely: eating, sleeping and moving!!!  Read more


Chefs BEWARE! If you are just starting cooking school, or if you’re at home and have finally come around to that plant based diet using fresh produce, you are probably making a very important discovery. It means A LOT of chopping! And ask any more experienced chef (professional or Grandma) and they will tell you that can also mean PAIN. Seemingly endless standing, chopping, lifting, stirring etc. can take all the fun out of this healthy, great tasting lifestyle and send you right into my PT office. Neck pain, back pain, headache, elbow pain, carpal tunnel and multiple varieties of tendonitis can be common kitchen complaints. But wait, wait! Don’t quit! The health benefits are well worth it and you can avoid the pain. Follow these tips and exercises regularly to eat all that great tasting food and reap the health for years to come.  Read more

So What is the Best Exercise? …DANCING!

Yes!  In my opinion, dancing could very well be the best all-around exercise for the widest number of people.  Everyone can do it and all ages can benefit.  Dancing will benefit you in so many ways:  physiologically, psychologically, and spiritually.  Humans have been improving their health by dancing since, well, since there have been humans.  Let’s take a closer look at the documented health benefits of dancing, shall we.   Read more


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