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Summertime…Time To Get Happy!

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Get over yourself already.  Are you still trying to get motivated to be your best self so you can face warm days of sundresses, strappy sandals, T-shirts and shorts?  It’s past time to get healthy for the active days of summer (and spring, fall and winter) and it all begins in the kitchen and how you nourish yourself. Your food choices will make all the difference in how you look, feel, function, play, work, sleep and manage stress.

In this DVD, you'll learn to make these fabulous recipes:

The Quickest Tomato Soup
Veggie Bread Salad with White Beans
Orange-Glazed Italian Donuts
Quirky Quinoa Salad
Stir-fried Tempeh with Corn
Crisp Arugula Salad
Tofu-Spinach Galette
Hot Fudge Sundaes


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Summertime…Time To Get Happy!