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Wild Rice with Hato Mugi and Vegetables

1 yellow onion -- diced 
1 cup daikon -- diced 
1 cup corn kernels 
2 stalks celery -- diced 
1 cup hato mugi barley -- rinse well 
1/2 cup wild rice -- rinsed well 
3 cups water 
1 tablespoon soy sauce 
2 stalks broccoli -- small florets, peel stalk and dice 

In a pressure cooker, layer the onions, daikon, corn and celery. Top with the barley and wild rice. Add the water, cover and bring to a boil over medium heat. Add a dash of soy sauce and seal the lid. Bring to full pressure, reduce heat to low, and place the pan on a flame deflector. Cook for 35 minutes. Remove from heat and allow pressure to reduce naturally. 

While the barley cooks, bring a small pan of water to a boil and cook the broccoli until bright green and tender crisp, about four minutes. To serve, gently stir the broccoli through the cooked barley and vegetables to combine ingredients. Serve warm or chilled. 


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