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Where's the Beef Stew

1 pound seitan, cut into 1-inch cubes
1/3 cup arrowroot
Sea salt
Cracked black pepper
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
3 red onions, quartered
4 carrots, chunk cut
2 parsnips, chunk cut
1 large can diced tomatoes
2 bay leaves
Spring or filtered water
4 medium Yukon gold potatoes, cubed
1 cup frozen peas

Cube seitan. Combine arrowroot with a generous pinch of salt and pepper. Dredge seitan in arrowroot mixture and set aside.

Heat oil in a heavy pot and pan fry seitan pieces until the coating is crispy, about 5 minutes. Add onions, carrots, parsnips, tomatoes and bay leaves. Season lightly with salt and pepper and add water to almost cover ingredients. Bring to a boil, cover, reduce heat to low and cook for 20 minutes. Add potatoes, adjust seasonings to your taste and cook until potatoes are tender, about 20 minutes more. Add more water, if needed to keep a stew-like consistency. Remove bay leaves, stir in peas and cook 5 minutes more. Stir gently to combine and serve hot. 

Makes 4-5 servings 


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