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Salt & Malt Scrub

Okay, so you can't really eat this (well, you could, but you wouldn't), but rubbing it on your skin will leave you with a glowing complexion...I love to do this scrub every spring. It's great for freshening the skin after a winter indoors. Lightly exfoliating, without being abrasive to the skin, the warm, wet salt removes dreary winter skin and the wheat malt seals in moisture for supple soft ready-for-spring skin. Once a year is enough for this luxurious scrub--particularly if you're scrubbing your body regularly.

2 pounds (at least) refined sea salt
2 pounds barley malt


Take a hot shower and rinse the body very well. While still wet, rub generous handfuls of salt gently over the skin. Don't apply a lot of pressure, as you can damage the skin--just a gentle rub. Rinse well with warm water and again, while wet, rub a thin layer of honey over your skin. 

Rinse well and pat your newly moisturized skin dry, go out and enjoy the warm spring air. 

Note: Honey works just great in this scrub as well. 


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