Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone is author of The Kind Diet and advocates a vegan lifestyle for health, well-being, and compassion for environment and animal welfare.  Alicia offers a wealth of resources from articles to an online store and discussion forum, helping Kind Lifers connect and implement this lifestyle. Visit The Kind Life to learn more!

BBQ Recipes

Warm weather usually means cooking out. And for many people, that might mean attending events where meat is on the menu. Here are some recipes for dishes you can bring to a BBQ, or even better...throw your own kind summer BBQ! Nothing can inspire or motivate change better than a belly of delicious foods like grilled veggies -- mushrooms, zucchini, onions, whatever your favorites are!  Read more

Diet Like a Superhero

While many people experience weight loss as a natural side effect of adopting a vegan diet, some of you have shared that you're still having trouble shedding those extra pounds. So, I want to get specific about what works and what doesn't. First, there is a lot of vegan junk food out there (potato chips, French fries, even Oreos are vegan). Going vegan alone doesn't always result in weight loss for every person - it's the veggies and whole grains that really do the trick.   Read more

Election 2012: California’s Prop 37 Could Affect The Whole Nation

Why we should have the right to know which foods are genetically modified…
Although Prop 37, also known as the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act, is a California initiative, it has national implications. Prop 37 would require food manufacturers to label any foods containing genetically modified (GMO) ingredients. This is a major win for consumers and a setback for companies like Monsanto Read more

Agar Agar, Kuzu and Arrowroot, Oh My! - by Alicia Silverstone

If you’ve ever cooked a sauce or gravy from scratch, you’ve likely used a thickener. Perhaps the best-known and most easily accessible thickening agent is cornstarch. Derived from the endosperm of corn and then fermented, cornstarch is highly processed and not particularly nutritious. Arrowroot, agar agar (or kanten), and kuzu are all more natural thickening agents that you can substitute for cornstarch. Which one you choose depends on what you’d like to make! Read on for a breakdown of where each of these starches comes from, what they’re best used for, and what health benefits they offer.  Read more

The New Food Safety Bill - by Alicia Silverstone

The new food safety bill that recently passed Congress was signed into law by President Obama on January 4, 2011. It is an important, if imperfect bill.   Read more

Vegan Pregnancy Q&A, Part III

Hi Gang!  Here is part III of Alicia's interview on cultivating a healthy vegan pregnancy.  We've covered everything from formulas and supplements to using soy in a vegan mama's diet.  You can still check out part I and part II of Alicia's interview.  And now, we answer questions of bringing up (vegan) baby.  Read more

Vegan Pregnancy Q&A, Part II

Here is part II of Alicia Silverstone's interview, featuring and Susan Levine and yours truly. 

Are prenatal vitamins vegan?  Read more

Vegan Pregnancy Q&A, Part I

My dear friend Alicia Silverstone recently interviewed me and Susan Levine on the topic of preparing for a vegan pregnancy.  Here’s part one of her three-part series.     Read more



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